Commercial land surveys are essential tools for any Texas land owner involved in a commercial development project.

Using various surveys performed and documented by experienced land surveyors, developers can effectively handle real estate transactions and plan out their development projects.

Read here to understand the importance of commercial land surveying for Texas landowners and how surveying gives developers the details they need to execute their plans.

What Types of Texas Commercial Land Surveys Are Available?

Texas businesses seeking to purchase real estate or develop owned property for commercial purposes must first invest in some commercial land surveys as one of their essential preliminary steps.

Land surveyors can perform a variety of surveys for their clients to gather a wealth of necessary information for project planning, real estate purchases, and other needs.

These include ALTA/NSPS title surveys, site layout and topographic surveys, boundary surveys, commercial staking surveys, and others, to provide all information required by various entities to plan and begin a commercial development project.

Why Is Commercial Land Surveying Done in Texas?

Commercial land surveying is done to identify and map out critical land features like boundaries, topography, improvements, and other fundamentals to accomplish numerous processes for commercial development:

  • Real Estate TransactionsCommercial land surveys are used to identify property boundaries and other land features to determine value and price for property sales, then protect buyers with land title insurance.
  • Property DivisionLand surveyors play an instrumental role in helping commercial developers assess the size and shape of their properties and then divide it up appropriately according to the needs of their project.
  • Zoning Compliance – Using land surveying, commercial developers can assess their property and classify it for use based on local zoning laws and requirements.
  • Financial Needs – When project owners seek funding from financial lenders, most are required to have surveying done to prove the value and usability of the land as well as how it is suitable for the intended project.
  • Commercial Site and Project Planning – Surveying reports are also essential tools for project developers and engineers to plan out their commercial building site ;and their entire project, from site modification and construction specifics to planning a project budget.
  • Environmental Compliance – Based on the makeup of the land, its different natural features, and local zoning and building laws, project owners can also use surveys to identify environmental hazards or areas of conservation and remain compliant with local environmental mandates.

How Are Commercial Land Surveys Done?

To provide the necessary information, commercial land surveying involves a great deal of property research, then extensive fieldwork with specialized equipment to assess the land.

Surveyors use GPS, aerial mapping, 3D laser scanning, and other technology to accurately depict the land by matching up deed coordinates and observing physical attributes.

Depending on the type of commercial land survey being performed, the process can take days to weeks or months to complete.

Commercial Land Surveying Vital When Developing Texas Land

From the basics of boundary identification and property valuation to the more complex needs of assessing land features and zoning classifications, commercial land surveying is a necessary process that every land developer must involve in their plans.

Choose Texas land surveyors experienced with commercial surveys to assure accuracy for any purpose with a Texas commercial development project.

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