Land surveying is an important mapping and identification process that must be performed in relation to certain Texas real estate transactions and construction projects.

It is a highly specialized technique that must be performed by experienced land surveyors to guarantee the accuracy of both the survey and the related project.

Learn the basics about land surveying in Texas, its purpose, and what property owners can expect when ordering a survey.

Why Is Land Surveying Done?

Land surveying is defined as a method of calculating the measurement and mapping of the land.

It is a tightly regulated process that is done for many reasons, from identifying legal property boundaries to creating a land development plan.

Surveying is used by land title companies, construction project owners, municipalities, and many others to confirm and document property details, plan building and land use projects, and many other purposes to protect all interests.

What Type of Surveying Is Required for Different Purposes?

Although the most common types of surveys performed by land surveyors are boundary surveys and those required by land title companies, there are many types of specific assessments required for a variety of purposes.

Construction surveys are essential for the development of land development plans and may include various specific surveys like site planning, subdivision, and topography surveys.

Location surveys are required to confirm the location or planning of roads, right-of-ways, utility placement, well locations, and other paths.

These and other surveys are chosen depending on the need and the project to confirm boundaries and locations as well as ensure projects are completed according to pre-determined requirements.

Who Should Hire Land Surveyors?

Typically, when making a real estate transaction, the title company will arrange for any necessary surveying prior to finalizing the property sale and insuring the title.

Construction project owners or contractors are responsible for hiring land surveyors and working with them to confirm the correctness and quality of their work throughout the project.

Individual property owners may also hire surveyors on their own to identify property boundaries and perimeters, stake out corners, and identify right-of-ways as well as easements.

How Is Land Surveying Performed?

Land surveying involves a process that is basically the same in all instances, though some surveys require more research and preparation than others.

Surveyors first meet with clients to determine their surveying needs, research any deed or other information available about the land being surveyed, and then go to the property to do the survey.

This involves the use of specialized equipment to locate landmarks, existing survey markers, and geological coordinates to measure as well as map the property and document specific topographical and other characteristics.

Since every survey is done for different purposes, the complexity will differ, as will the time required to complete the survey.

Always Hire An Experienced Land Surveying Contractor

Land surveying is a detailed process that is essential for anything related to land documentation and mapping for legal, zoning, and development purposes.

The success of any construction plan or real estate transaction starts with the services of experienced land surveyors who can identify the important boundaries and land features necessary for accurate planning.

When in need of any kind of surveying in Texas, property owners must rely on highly experienced surveyors familiar with their needs and the land to avoid potential problems later.

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